Truffled popcorn, 60
Grated parmesan & dried black trumpet mushroom.

Snail & black trumpet mushroom toast, 75
Focaccia with salsa verde, roasted shallots & fried parsley.

Gougères filled with English cheddar, 55
Chestnut honey, fennel seeds  & black Sarawak pepper.

Croquettes, 70
With veal tongue & porcini mushrooms. Served with sauce gribiche.

Salted potato crisps and truffle dip, 55

Castelvetrano olives, 50

Valencia almonds, 55

Selected cheeses,  45 / piece or 125 / 3pcs
Fruit & nut bread with compote.

Double fried pommes stripes, 35
Cheese & herbs.

Truffle dip, 35



Rillettes of ham hock, 125
Prune marmelade,  levain bread & cornichons.

Vendace roe from Kalix, 195
Cauliflower & spelt langos with lightly fried pork belly, sour cream, browned butter & pickled onions.

Salt baked yellow beets with goat’s cheese , 160
Fresh figs, sorrel, roasted walnuts & pomegranate vinaigrette.

Hand cut tartar of seared veal, 165
Served with mustard pickles, aioli, thyme, aged cheese & levain bread.



Umami sandwich, 145
Levain bread, chicken confit, oyster mushrooms, parmesan, caramelized onion, pickled white onion & truffle dressing.
(Vegetarian with sauteed mushrooms)

The “Reuben” burger, 210
Coarse ground chuck roll, toasted rye bun, sauerkraut, Gruyère cheese, fried beef brisket & mustard pickled onion.
(Vegetarian with sauteed mushrooms)

Fish & chips ”TFE” 125  half / 225 full
Deep fried cod, double fried pommes stripes, curry remoulade, pickled vegetables & grilled lemon.

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